Event Speakers

Philip Cockayne, President of JCI Bradford

Topic: How to Grow a Scalable Business - Sustainably?

Philip is a Chairman, Board Member and Management Consultant.

As a Management Consultant, Philip's role involves working with boards and wider executive teams to develop robust and reliable systems and structures that can provide clear oversight and assurance for owners and stakeholders. This involves reviewing how large, complex organisations are managed and how boards can be assured of sustainable growth. Philip has worked with large public bodies and smaller, niche organisations on resolving the issues of sustainability, scalability, strategic development and board assurance.

Philip is also President of JCI Bradford (a membership organisation for young professionals and entrepreneurs) and is committed to supporting his members learn new skills, grow their networks, give back to their communities and experience leadership. He is also the 2016 Chairman for the JCI Yorkshire Region and a member of the JCI UK National Executive as Commercial Director.

Philip is also a board member for a Keighley-based social enterprise and a leadership group member of Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

Philip brings his varied experience together as a leader and advisor to support businesses achieve sustainable, scalable growth.

Presentation Outline

Growth is good - sustainable growth is even better.

For every year that a company 'survives' - it's chances of survival goes up. As a business matures, the ethos around management and performance changes to one of assurance - how do we know what we're doing is right. This is usually to do with not only an expanding corporate mechanism to support this process but also the insistence from the top (usually board level) that this stuff is done in a robust, resilient and reliable manner. This structure exists to create the holy grail of business - self-sustaining growth.

There are many lessons that SMEs can learn from this model. Particularly those that are looking to achieve sustainable growth and committed to building a business that can scale. This revolves around the following:

• Recognising the core purpose
• Simplification and defining process
• Dashboards and the RAG indicator
• Management and oversight
• The dream of self-sustaining growth

This session will aim to give you some practical tools and models you can apply to your own business in the hope of building a sustainable business.


Mike Manaley, Networking Ninja at The Barefoot Broker

Topic: Prospecting & Pipelines, How I got an 84% hit rate simply by being human!

Mike is a prolific networker, and is known amongst a select few as the “Network Ninja.” With a 15 years’ experience of sales in the financial & telecom sectors, which some may argue are more challenging than most. Mike has carved a niche consultancy service for very close contacts with whom he shares his secrets for opening doors at the highest level.

Mike has sat in front of and pitched to the likes of Universal Music, IHG Group & Prestige Cruise Company. And we are delighted to announce that he has agreed to share his tips for opening doors for your business. Using techniques such as NLP, Visual/Audio Cognitive Dissonance, SMYKM and plain old British charm; in the last 6 months Mike has increased profits by more than 2500% with one of his key clients. And he does this in his spare time, when he’s not insurance broking!

When we asked him for a quote on what we might expect he simply said… “Doors are there to be opened - you just need the right key... or boot for that matter!”


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