YEN invites you to this month's networking event at The Westgate Social Club

YEN (Yorkshire Enterprise Network) will be hosting their April 2017 Bradford networking event at the Westgate Social Club on Thursday 27th April.

The free drinks reception and registration will begin at 6:00pm at Westgate Social Club
62 Westgate, Bradford, BD1 3SQ.

Event Speakers

Keith Madeley MBE  |  Chairman of The Yorkshire Society

Born in and bred in Yorkshire, Keith spent his early working life at British Rail in the South-East where he became Britain’s youngest Station Master at the age of 21.

On his return to Yorkshire Keith used his creative approach in providing relevant products by creating a very successful independent financial services business.

His flair and expertise in business, combined with his excellent communication skills, have made Keith a natural ambassador to promote business and community groups throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

Keith will be discussing the 'Cones' children’s books, written by his wife, Chris Madeley. The books aim to help children learn to live and play within parameters based on moral and ethical values.

Chris has always enjoyed words, books and writing for as long as she can remember. Having been brought up in a family which did not possess a television, she was well used to making her own entertainment and with a very fertile imagination and a preference for her own company, she immersed herself in the world of make-believe and fantasy. Throughout Chris’ school life she developed a great love and respect for the written word and reading and writing featured right at the top of her favourites list.

Craig Hawes  |  Director of GalaxyComs

Craig spent 12 years in the Royal Air Force, initially as a Propulsion Specialist. His role changed towards the end of his Air Force career as he became involved in developing and supporting IT infrastructure and communications for a number of Royal Air Force bases across the UK.

After leaving the Royal Air Force, Craig’s first civilian job was as the IT Manager for RST Accountants. Craig managed a team of in-house IT specialists covering 19 offices across the north of England and southern Scotland.

In 2008, he founded Prestige IT Support. Based in Bradford, Prestige IT Support provide IT services and consultancy to customers ranging from sole traders to multinational companies across the UK and Europe. Due to continued growth in the communications side of the business, Galaxy Comms was formed to deal specifically with B2B IT Communications. Galaxy specialise in voice (SIP and VoIP) systems and providing broadband services such as ADSL, Fibre and Leased Lines across the UK.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


The YEN Team

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