With Christmas upon us, the pressure is on to make sure you have presents for everyone. If you are wanting to avoid those New Year credit card blues, these handy tips could be of use

Make a realistic Christmas budget - Before you flash the credit card in every shop, stop and think ‘how am I going to pay for all this?

It’s great being able to give the best presents. But make sure it does not leave you skint for the first part of the new year. Plan what you can realistically afford and tailor your spending to suit your budget.

Gifts for good causes - Many of us now consider the whole ethos of the present buying thing and prefer to give to good causes such as donations to homeless charities or funding school supplies. Clean water for many overseas communities and animal welfare organisations are also popular causes.

Change banks to boost your budget - Competition for your custom is something the banks are all engaged in. Some will also be giving generous incentives of between £50 and £200 for you to switch accounts if you sign up before Christmas.

Earn an extra 4% with supermarket stamps -  Many supermarkets have saving stamps schemes which can help you plan ahead for Christmas and spend in their stores. It depends on how much you have saved by a certain date, but often you can get a years bonus on one particular day just by putting you cash in the day before.

Cut back on unnecessary Christmas presents - All of us have friends who we have bought presents for over the years and it becomes a kind of ritual obligation. We also buy for the children of friends and this can go on well into the children’s teenage years. Take the plunge and suggest that the arrangement as come to a close.

Throughout the towns and cities across the UK, we are seeing rises in the numbers of people resorting to sleeping rough. The reasons why these individuals find themselves on the margins of society are many and complex.

Yorkshire based charity Simon on the Streets has been doing invaluable work reaching out to those individuals and giving them hope. But in order to continue delivering this essential service, they need the help of each and every one of us.

This Christmas you can help Simon on the Streets by making a donation at http://simononthestreets.co.uk/simons-xmas-appeal/ this will help them extend their reach by employing one full-time outreach support worker to provide intensive, emotional and practical support to people sleeping rough throughout the county.

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