BEF (Business Enterprise Fund)

YEN Corporate Partners - BEF (Business Enterprise Fund)
Business Enterprise Fund is a not for profit social enterprise, set up to provide loans to SME businesses who are unable to raise finance from mainstream lenders.

As a social enterprise, our profits are re-invested in the company to further our social aims.

Founded in Bradford, BEF began lending to small businesses in the local area with an initiative to encourage growth in the economy that would impact on peoples lives. Over the last 11 years, we have lent to a wide range of businesses, from one-man bands and start ups, through to established multi-site companies. BEF have a growing team and have spread across the North East of England, as well as North and West Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire.

• Our loan fund is made up of European (ERDF) and Government (RGF) grants as well as money from other key stakeholders.

• We are a Delivery Partner for the Government’s Start UP Loans program.
With every loan, BEF assesses the social and economic impact the business will make.

• We consider high risk loans and listen to the individual clients need.

• Our Investment Managers take each client through the steps of securing a loan and provide advice and support throughout.

• Lending up to 100% of the proposition across all sectors we have assisted over 3000 businesses and created over 2000 jobs since making our first loan in 2004.

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Telephone – 0800 080 3145

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