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    All employees have the right to ask for flexible working hours. After 26 weeks of continuous employment at the same company, a “statutory application” for flexible hours can be made. This must be in writing, and a meeting should be set up between employer and employee to discuss the request. The employer must reply within 14 days either accepting the request or provide justification for any rejection. If the application is accepted, the employer must provide the employee with an updated contract.

    Flexible hours can have clear benefits to employer and employee alike. Employees might find it easier to fit their work around family or other commitments. Employers can benefit from having an office with longer operative hours, which could be particularly useful if they have international clients or suppliers.

    The Equality Act 2010

    The Equality Act 2010 aims to protect employees from less favourable treatment within the workplace because they have a disability.

    Disability discrimination can arise in every stage of employment, from recruitment and selection to dismissal. Employers should be aware that a person does not have to be an employee to claim disability discrimination; it can occur before employment begins, for example, job applicants can claim discrimination.

    Claiming Expenses

    If an expenses policy is amended, employees should be made aware in writing of the changes. You may wish to ask for sign-off to ensure employees have read and understood these changes.

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