Following the referendum on 23 June, the UK has decided to leave the EU. This decision will impact upon UK policy and legislation, and may mean you have a number of questions surrounding how these changes will affect your business.

The changes will be implemented slowly, meaning that there is time for you to set a strategic way forward for your business.

The UK won’t officially leave the EU for two years as there will be a negotiation period after we’ve provided notice under the Treaty on European Union (sometimes known as the Maastricht Treaty). We understand that you might be uncertain on how your business will be impacted, so our lawyers are here to provide legal advice on issues such as:

• Employment law
• Immigration
• Competition law
• Regulation of financial services
• Intellectual property
• Data protection
• Environment and climate change

Additionally, our business lawyers have provided answers to some frequently asked questions on this topic – see above for more details.

Brexit Checklist

While it’s going to take some time to understand the full impact of the referendum result, there are a number of areas that businesses may want to start considering now. For help focusing on the areas that matter most, download and complete our Brexit checklist.

If you would like to find out more, please phone 0370 1500 100 or send our Referendum team an email with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As A Business What Action Should We Be Taking With Our Key Trading Arrangements?
  • Could Brexit Void An Existing Commercial Contract?
  • How Long Will Any Changes To The Law Take?
  • How Will Businesses Be Affected By New Immigration Rules?
  • How Will Regulatory Law Be Affected Now That We Will Leave The EU?
  • What Could Be The Commercial Market Impact To The UK Economy And Inward Investment?
  • What Impact Does Brexit Have On The New EU Unitary Patent System?
  • What Impact Will Brexit Have On Dispute Resolution?
  • What Will Be The Impact On Trade Mark Law Now We Have Decided To Leave The EU?
  • What Will Brexit Mean For Data Protection Laws?
  • What Will Happen To UK Employment Law Now We Have Chosen To Leave The EU?
  • Will Britain Still Be Part Of The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership?
  • Will M&A Activity Increase?

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