Tribunal To Determine Status Of Deliveroo Riders

Tribunal To Determine Status Of Deliveroo Riders

Significant Case In Gig Economy

In what could turn out to be a landmark ruling for the so-called gig-economy, an Employment Tribunal will this week decide the employment status of Deliveroo riders.

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) applied in November last year for the tribunal to determine the riders’ employment status and wants to force the company to recognise the union for the purposes of collective bargaining on behalf of riders working in the Camden area in London.

The hearings take place on 23, 24 and 25 May. The IWGB is confident the tribunal will rule that the riders are workers, following similar decisions with regards to Uber drivers and CitySprint couriers.ies for every rider and support those who leave the programme.

Expert Opinion

“If the IWGB is successful in persuading a tribunal that its riders are workers and not self-employed, the Central Arbitration Committee will then be able to consider its application for trade union recognition. This is a significant development in the gig economy as, if the application for recognition is successful, Deliveroo will have to sit across the table from the union and negotiate the terms and conditions of its workforce.”

“This case is also seen as opening up a new opportunity for the unions to boost their membership, and could re-juvenate their influence at a key point in our political and economic climate. Deliveroo has thousands of UK riders and even with the new industrial action requirements, a strike of their workers could seriously impact the London economy.”

Liesel Whitfield,
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