YEN Cartoon: HS2 Route Change To Crofton Sparks Protest

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YEN Cartoon: HS2 Route Change To Crofton Sparks Protest

Illustration by Steve Spencer

Forecast to cost in the region of £90 billion, HS2 has been branded ‘The Richman’s To’ by former Transport Secretary and New Chancellor, Philip Hammond. A tag that is not without foundation as latest studies reveal that it is mainly the wealthiest five percent who regularly travel by train as present costs are proving prohibitive for those on less income. There are also other concerns surrounding this costly venture. Notwithstanding that it may be obsolete when completed in 2040, a high-speed North to South railway, said to improve connections and jobs to the North, would mainly serve to benefit London. Evidence in other European cities shows that where these rail links have been created, skilled and higher qualified employees migrate or commute away from their regional bases.

There have also been many protests from residents whose lives stand to be adversely affected by the HS2 route cutting through their areas and an estimated 83 ancient woodlands damaged or lost. The start of August (2016) saw the addition of yet another chapter in the troubled rail schemes long running saga when it impacted on the West Yorkshire community of Crofton near Wakefield. Residents were angered by the news that the route was now going to be running close to the east of their village with a massive rolling stock depot planned to the south of Crofton. Concerns over the impact on their lives, homes and the environment have prompted protests by local residents who are now campaigning to stop HS2 blighting their lives.

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2 Responses

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    David Teal
    | Reply

    I am a Crofton resident and am disgusted with the way HS2 ltd seem to be oblivious to the impact to villages, they were asked to save £1 billion (which is irrelevant as we all know it will be massively over budget) so they get a ruler and map and it seems just draw a line on it!

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    Emma Humphreys
    | Reply

    I moved to Crofton earlier this year and what your article doesn’t say is that the first proposed route went to the west of the village and included the rolling stock depot to the south. All they’ve done is swapped which side of the village it runs, wow, that makes so much difference. All the aggravation of the build with none of the benefits and even if it did stop here would it really be worth it? Approximately 20-30 minutes quicker to get from Leeds to London, amazing! I’m not complaining about having a train track behind my house as I already have a train track behind my house and I’m very happy with it. However, I am complaining about the possibility of a two/three storey viaduct over the train track ruining my view which running numerous trains every day and which will no doubt mostly be empty. Someone wants to make their mark on this country and they’ll certainly do that with white elephant trains leaving their dung train tracks behind them.

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