Weekly Cartoon: “There, Re-Routing Through Sheffield Should Save A Bob Or Two!”

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Weekly Cartoon:

“There, Re-Routing Through Sheffield Should Save A Bob Or Two!”

Illustration by Steve Spencer

HS2 Ltd, the company behind the controversial £55.7bn high-speed railway, has been criticised by some South Yorkshire politicians for taking the line through Meadowhall and not Sheffield itself.

HS2 said this could cost an extra £680m, but the leader of Sheffield Council, councillor Julie Dore (Drawn Above), has come up with a proposal that will save the taxpayers money in the long term. Under a future HS3 scheme plans to create a spur from Meadowhall to Sheffield would cost around £600m. By running HS2 through Sheffield instead of Meadowhall would make that extra spending unnecessary.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar
    James Donahue
    | Reply

    Excellent cartoon. It’s even more relevant when considering former CBI chief, the man leading the “Northern Powerhouse” project, John Cridland’s comments in the news today.

  2. Avatar
    Owen Gleadall
    | Reply

    The only thing missing is identification of the person holding the handle – Julie Dore perhaps?

    • Avatar
      Nathan Walker
      | Reply

      Correct! We put her name in the blurb below the cartoon, but I’ve added the note to confirm that it’s Julie in the cartoon.

  3. Avatar
    | Reply

    If only the ripped-ff taxpayer was consulted about this total waste of money!

    Almost as useless as being in the EU

  4. Avatar
    The original Mel B
    | Reply

    Fab illustration – used to work with the artist and have some original cartoons he produced over the years!!

    • Avatar
      Steven Spencer
      | Reply

      Thanks, Mel 🙂 Good to know you’ve kept them. This week’s cartoon is almost finished.

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