YEN Cartoon: “We’re Really Up The Creek Without A Paddle Now!”

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YEN Cartoon: We're Really Up The Creek Without A Paddle Now!

“We’re Really Up The Creek Without A Paddle Now!”

Illustration by Steve Spencer

Scrapping of Flood Envoys leaves flood hit areas up the creek without a paddle.

Theresa May’s promise to help the regions seems to have unravelled only days after taking office.

Concern is growing over the new Prime Minister’s decision to scrap the flood envoys previous PM, David Cameron, appointed to ensure flood prevention schemes were put in place.

It’s only seven months since Robert Goodwill, Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby and Flooding Minister, Rory Stewart were set the task of assessing the impact of Storm Eva. Now they have been swept away leaving affected councils uncertain as to what, if anything, will be created to take their place.

With funds to help victims of the Boxing Day floods only trickling through, many businesses have been unable to reopen, while others have relocated to other areas.

Leeds City Council Leader, Judith Blake, said: “Residents and businesses in Leeds affected by the devastation of Storm Eva will rightly be concerned the new Government is not giving flood prevention in Leeds the priority it desperately needs.”

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