Weekly Cartoon: “Will Cameron’s Gamble Return To Haunt Him?”

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Weekly Cartoon: Will Cameron's Gamble Return To Haunt Him?

“Will Cameron’s Gamble Return To Haunt Him?”

Illustration by Steve Spencer

Having changed domestic policy beyond recognition, Margaret Thatcher left the right wing of her party with no other axe to grind but eurosceptism. In the 26 years following Mrs. Thatcher’s exit from office, the Conservative right wing have developed this tunnel vision of Europe into an obsession.

The truth is David Cameron is not in favour of a referendum on Europe, but his eurosceptic MPs have hounded him, even before the 2015 general election, to promise a ‘IN-OUT’ referendum if he was to count on their support in government. Will the Euro Referendum result finally placate his backbenchers or will it, has some predict, tear the Tories apart? It’s a gamble that could eventually return to haunt the Prime Minister.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Brad Broadbent
    | Reply

    Maybe big Dave wouldn’t be in this situation if he got a better EU deal years ago?

  2. Avatar
    Alex Jones
    | Reply

    People think leaving the EU will save the UK money? They’ll piss it all away like usually, how much is being wasted on this vote!?

  3. Avatar
    | Reply

    Great cartoon Steven! No-one knows whether leaving Europe will make the UK stronger, but Cameron’s dusting his hands of responsibility by shifting the vote to the public.

  4. Avatar
    John Garside
    | Reply

    This referendum is an unnecessary distraction from the important issues of the economy and giving our young people the training and investment they need to compete in an ever-changing global market.

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