YEN Cartoon: A19 In North Yorkshire Catches Most Speeders In The County

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YEN Cartoon: Another Two Like Him And We'll Have Enough For A New Safety Camera Van?

“Another Two Like Him And We’ll Have Enough For A New Safety Camera Van”

Illustration by Steve Spencer

North Yorkshire road puts brakes on speeders.

A stretch of the A19 in North Yorkshire saw more than 2,700 motorists caught by police mobile safety camera vans last year (2014/15) making it the most lucrative road in the county.

There were 2,734 road safety violations on the southbound A19 at South Kilvington near Thirsk.

Running costs of three Road Safety Cameras (RSCs) in 2014/15 was £886,000 and £1,049,000 was generated in fines. That’s a surplus of £163,000 which would cover the cost of six new ‘agile’ safety camera vans to join the existing fleet of six.

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