YEN Cartoon: Ice Cream Drones Appear On Beaches

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YEN Cartoon: Ice Cream Drones Apprear On Beaches

Illustration by Steve Spencer

Seagulls scavenging along the sea front have long been a pest to the beach goer, but the next time something white and messy hits you on the head, it might turn out to be a completely unexpected airborne object.

One business in Lincolnshire has been trying out a ice-cream delivery service with a twist. Rather than hike down the beach with your 99 Mablethorpe’s Rock & Ices ltd can deliver your cones by drones! Using the ‘Ice Me’ smartphone app customers can order a variety of cones, including 99s. The drone is then guided by the customers GPS signal to deliver their ices straight to their deck chairs!

Nigel Stephenson, director of Mablethorpe Rock & Ices Limited said. “We have often been asked about delivering ice creams on the beach and with the poor weather at the start of the season we are looking at ways at helping visitors to the resort enjoy more beach time now the sun has arrived. We first looked at how someone could remotely order an ice cream and as most people now use apps for everything thought we should have an app. We then needed to find a cost effective solution to deliver ice creams to people on the beach.”

If the drone ice-cream delivery service gets official safety approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) it may not be too long before you see low-flying 99s over the beach at Scarborough.

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