Poll: Has Enough Been Done To Prevent A Repeat Of The 2015 Boxing Day Floods? | November 2016

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On November 2nd 2016, the UK Parliment released a report looking at the risk of flooding over this coming winter season. Several MPs from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee called for changes to flood management in the UK in order to tackle the rising risk to communities from climate change.

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Chair, Neil Parish MP, said:

“Some five million people in England are at risk of flooding. Winter 2015-16 broke rainfall records. Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank disrupted communities across northern parts of the UK, with Desmond alone costing the UK more than £5 billion. Our proposals will deliver a far more holistic approach to flooding and water supply management, looking at catchments as a whole. Flood management must include much wider use of natural measures such as leaky dams, tree planting and improved soil management. And some areas of farmland should be used to store flood water.”

Considering the damage that many Yorkshire homes and businesses suffered last winter, has enough been done to prevent further flood damages?

Has Enough Been Done To Prevent A Repeat Of The 2015 Boxing Day Floods?

  • No (82%)
  • Yes (18%)
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3 Responses

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    Katalin Parry
    | Reply

    living in the calderdale area, this week alone has shown that nowhere near enough has been done. Flash floods on Wednesday.

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    | Reply

    The most effective way to mitigate flooding is with upland tree planting and natural water catchment schemes. As far as I am aware, the government has no plans to do this and thus the risk of a repeat event is highly likely.

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    Jon Crowther
    | Reply

    There has been a good commitment of funding from the Government channelled through Local Authorities to help businesses and householders recover but the flood defences that are needed are taking far too long to happen, things at the EA need to move faster and they need to put in extra resources to deal with what was and still is exceptional circumstances especially with planning applications for said flood defences!

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