Poll: Should ‘Yorkshire Day’ Become An Official Region-Wide Bank Holiday? | August 2016

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Celebrated on August 1st for over 40 years, Yorkshire Day is dedicated to embrace everything in ‘God’s Own County’ of Yorkshire. The date was chosen to commemorate the Battle of Minden and is also the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire. An act that was led by the Hull-born MP, William Wilberforce.

In recent years the celebration has boomed in popularity due to coverage in local and national media, as well as the widespread influence of social media. Other places in the UK already have dedicated bank holidays that are only celebrated in certain regions, such as St. Patrick’s Day only celebrated as an official public holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland. With this in mind, should Yorkshire campaign to have our day officially recognised as a public bank holiday for people and businesses in the region?

Should 'Yorkshire Day' Become An Official Region-Wide Bank Holiday?

  • Yes - I'd be chuffed to bits if Yorkshire Day became an official holiday (67%)
  • No - Don't be daft! What's next? People getting 'Lancashire Day' off too? (33%)
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    What a County! We should have a separate Olympics team too?

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