Poll: Should Yorkshire Strive For Devolution? | October 2017

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On Yorkshire Day 2017, seventeen councils in Yorkshire said they want to unite behind a devolution deal for the first time and a “coalition of the willing” is being called for by several council leaders.

However, despite a range of proposals, councils have so far failed to agree on a united Yorkshire-wide deal.

Sheffield City Council, as well as other councils in South Yorkshire, have been working towards a separate government deal for the Sheffield City Region, but Doncaster and Barnsley councils recently stated that they were also looking at a complete Yorkshire devolution proposal instead.

What are your views on Yorkshire Devolution? Vote in our YEN research poll and share your opinions in the comment box below the poll.

For more information on Devolution, watch the Q&A session video from a recent YEN networking event, chaired by John Grogan (Keighley MP) and Gerry Sutcliffe (Former Bradford South MP)

Should Yorkshire Strive For Devolution?

  • Yes - One Yorkshire with the power to bring more benefits to the region (81%)
  • Yes - But we should have separate deals for the Leeds, Sheffield and Hull City Regions (11%)
  • No - Yorkshire wouldn't benefit from any sort of Devolution deal (7%)
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Richard Thornton
    | Reply

    I don’t agree with the City State set-up. too much of a chance that the lions share of investment will go to that city and not the towns around it. Could create a ‘mini-London’ type of set-up and we are looking to break free of that kind of model.

  2. Avatar
    Josie Hyde
    | Reply

    Going by what John Grogan is saying, he seems positive that all the county’s local authorities will get on board a plan involving devolution for the whole county. I think this is the best way forward.

  3. Avatar
    Michael Bennett
    | Reply

    Whichever choice is made, they better get their act together quick. Manchester has been in charge of its own finances for ages, yet Yorkshire seems to be drifting.

  4. Avatar
    Martin Roberts
    | Reply

    Unlike Manchester and Liverpool and others, here in Yorkshire we identify with our Cities where ever they may be but I would argue whether you’re from Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Ripon or where ever we all identify as Yorkshire and that is the difference. The Lancashire identity has gone, lets not do the same, lets unite and get behind a united Yorkshire. This “One Yorkshire Deal” is the right move to take.

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