Poll: Who Should Be Responsible For Aiding Residents And Businesses After Flood Damage? | March 2016

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Earlier this year, the UK was hit by a series of continual and unrelenting storms that flooded many parts of the country. Even regions that aren’t normally affected by flooding, such as Yorkshire. Storms Desmond and Eva devastated over 15,000 UK homes alone and David Cameron resorted to calling in members of the armed forces to help distribute sandbags to the local residents and businesses.

With many insurance companies refusing to offer flooding insurance, or pricing it so unreasonably high no one can afford cover, questions have been asked over who should be accountable for helping to get families back to their homes and businesses running again after severe flooding.

Who should be responsible for aiding residents and businesses after flood damage?

  • Funds should be sent from Central Government (52%)
  • Local Councils should pay the cost (33%)
  • It's the responsibility of the individual/company (15%)
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    Adrian ashton
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    Lots of examples from the Calder Valley in West Yorks about how local businesses are supporting each other to recover livelihoods – and also encouraging contributions from the local authority for businesses of all types affected in any way

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    Seems pretty clear from the votes already that people want Cameron and his lot in London to do more, won’t happen though, the North might as well be a different country to London. At least that way we’d get foreign aid.

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