Poll: Who Should Become The Next UK Prime Minister? | July 2016

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After the results were announced after June’s referendum, David Cameron stepped down as the UK Prime Minister and left many to wonder who’ll take over in his place. Several Tory MPs have already declared their interest in becoming the next Conservative leader – at which point they will also automatically become the next Prime Minister.

From the initial list of candidates, two Tory MPs will be put forward as choices for UK leadership. So, who do you think will be chosen as the next leader of the UK?

Editor’s Note: We’re aware that Boris Johnson has announced he won’t standing as a candidate, but given his track record, there’s always a chance that’s he’ll reverse his decision and run.

Who Should Become The Next UK Prime Minister?

  • Andrea Leadsom (30%)
  • Theresa May (26%)
  • Other (13%)
  • Stephen Crabb (9%)
  • Michael Gove (9%)
  • Boris Johnson (9%)
  • Liam Fox (4%)
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2 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Bob Marshall
    | Reply

    It is a bit late to include BoJo in the list. I think Angela Eagle should be the next prime minister (assuming there will be an early general election following the Tory leadership vote).

  2. Avatar
    James Street
    | Reply

    Well Andrea might have won, but we now have Mrs May!

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