Poll: Would Brexit Benefit Or Cripple The UK Economy? | May 2016

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With the EU referendum less than 2 months away, campaigns for leaving, and campaigns for staying with the EU are ramping up their efforts. Many factors will be affecting people’s decision on June 23rd, but would opting for “Brexit” damage the UK’s economy?

Earlier this year, YEN ran a poll to gauge the general consensus of the people of Yorkshire. The results were close, split 41%, 38% and 21% between staying, leaving and being undecided respectively. These views were from several months ago before the referendum date was announced, has your opinion changed now?

Would Brexit Benefit Or Cripple The UK Economy?

  • Stronger Out - The UK economy would be stronger if we left (55%)
  • Stronger In - We need to stay with the EU to move forward (45%)
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7 Responses

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    Stronger for sure

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    Katharine Firth
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    Much of what we produce in this country is out and out the best in the world.
    From manufacturing to financial services, it’s the best and there is no way other countries will no longer want do business with us because we’re not in the EU… As we’re the 2nd largest contributor to the EU does anyone really think or believe they would make it so difficult ? They want our business and our money !!
    Out for sure… We can finally do business with who we want, where we want and at what price!

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    Why are there so many emotive responces?
    We don’t produce the best, China is cheaper than us, and maufacturing costs are much lower than ours, our edge is the ease of which we can do buisness in the EU. Lose that and there’s 2 years of existing trade deals then …. we don’t know.
    Do you honestly think we’ll get, or even keep investment if no one knows what happens after 2 years, when the trade agreements go, what happens to companies like Nissan. Would you spend hundreds of millions if you didn’t know what is going to happen after 2 years?
    We’re still in a recession, otherwise we wouldn’t still have such low interest rates. We’re on the teetering on the edge of a depression. I run a buisness, from a buiness point of view leaving will trigger a deeper recession / depression.
    Personally, well that’s irrelevant, it’s brain not heart that counts when running a buisness.

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    Definitely stronger out!
    With new joiners and a deteriating financial situation in the whole of Southern Europe, why pay through the nose to stay on a sinking ship that isn’t even democratically accountable?
    Organisations that receive EU grants and funding should be ignored.
    Cameron’s negotiation was an abject failure so he should have done what he said he would do, vote “out”.

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    Like contemplating divorce after a few years of marriage – yes some short-term gains but at the price of long term potential. It would be a spineless response and we would not even be discussing it if our own democracy was working well.

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    One word – Democracy. We pride ourselves on this very aspect of being British but then hand it all over to non elected officials in Brussels!! As to the scare mongers speaking doom and gloom about the ‘unknown’, tell me one entrepreneur that steps out knowing exactly what is going to happen. We have world class capability in this country so let’s go out and sell it to the world unhindered by European bureaucracy and limitations.

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    John Metcalfe
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    Julian you seem to be very emotional, if you believe we do not produce the best why are you in business.
    All who want to stay in seem to have a crystal ball and predict doom and gloom as to what will happen please get real and look at the bigger picture and leave out all the scaremongering.
    I can recall when we first joined and much has changed since then with so much being stripped from us our Government has become the status of a parish council.

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