YEN Top 10 – Yorkshire Companies (Based on Turnover Growth in 2016)

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YEN Top 10 - Yorkshire Companies (Based on Turnover Growth in 2016)There was a time when the streets of London were not paved with gold, but with Yorkshire sandstone. Over the past two centuries Yorkshire as contributed to a large proportion of the UK’s wealth and, although industries have changed dramatically over time, Yorkshire businesses are extremely well placed for the challenges that lay ahead.

#10 – Engine Power Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £173,902,000

Formerly GDF Suez, Engine power is based in Leeds and involved in the purchase, supply and management of electricity to and from commercial and industrial customers. It has a strong presence across the UK energy and environmental sectors.

#9 – Pace PLC

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £189,448,000

Based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, Pace PLC develops set-top boxes (STBs), advanced residential gateways, software and services for the pay-TV and broadband services industry. Pace’s customers include cable, telco, satellite and IPTV operators. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange until December 2015 when the company received the last of the regulatory clearances needed to allow a merger with Arris Group to proceed.

#8 – Drax Group PLC

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £260,000,000

Drax Group PLC is a British electrical power generation company that specialises in renewable, reliable, affordable energy. The Group is made up of upstream and downstream enterprises. The principal downstream enterprises are based in the UK and include Drax Power Limited, which runs Europe’s biggest biomass-fuelled power station, Drax power station, near Selby in North Yorkshire – the UK’s largest decarbonisation project, as well as supplying between 7-8 per cent of the country’s electricity needs.

#7 – ISG Holdings 1 Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £270,856,000

Specialising in construction services on a global scale, ISG Holdings has offices in Leeds as part of its network which fit out, construction, engineering services and a range of specialist solutions.

#6 – Persimmon PLC

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £327,800,000

With its headquarters in York, Persimmon builds around 12,000 new homes a year in more than 400 locations nationwide. The group comprises a north and south divisions with a number of regional offices throughout the UK.

#7 – Keadby Generation Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £468,600,000

Keadby Generation is the company tasked with managing and operating Keadby Power Station, a 734 MWe gas-fired power station near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. It lies near the B1392 and the River Trent, and the Scunthorpe-Grimsby railway. Also nearby is the Stainforth and Keadby Canal, which is part of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.

#4 – Boparan Holdings Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £534,600,000

With its registered address in Wakefield, it is the holding company for 2 Sisters Food Group, a food company which processes and supplies products to the retail, foodservice and food manufacturing sectors. The group has sites across the UK, including Fox’s biscuits in Batley and Pennine Foods in Sheffield.

#3 – Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £641,492,000

With it’s head office in Immingham, the Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd company runs and operates the Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Killingholme, Lincolnshire. It lies to the north of the Humber Refinery, owned by rival oil company Phillips 66, and the railway line to Immingham Docks. Immingham Power Station, owned by VPI Immingham, provides the electricity and heat for the fractionation processes.

#2 – Arla Foods Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £578,199,000

The UK’s number one dairy company by turnover and milk pool, it has its headquarters in Leeds and supplies a range of dairy products to major retailers and foodservice customers. A global co-operative of 13,500 farmers, nearly 3,000 of whom are British, the company handles more than three million tonnes of milk every year in the UK.

#1 – Morrisons Group Ltd

Annual Turnover Growth (2015-2016) – £865,000,000

With its headquarters in Bradford, Morrisons is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. It has more than 500 superstores and over 100 local stores spread throughout the country. It sells a huge range of goods including groceries, household goods and electronics.

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