Breathe New Life Into Your Business

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You may well be looking forward to some deserved time off this holiday season; but there really is no better time to review, take stock, refocus and plan. We may well have organised your annual budget & plans, but time away from the office can give you a different perspective and allow you the space to breath, think and get creative. A new year is the chance for many to make some resolutions, have a makeover and start new ways; but we can relate this to our businesses too. So make a list of three things you want to re-discover and keep them safe to remind yourself throughout the break.

Don’t avoid the big issues like a business plan; use your mind to walk through the process and ask yourself top line questions and you could gain some great clarity for yourself to help drive your business forward in 2014. Or maybe just think of a few things that don’t work to well in your business and you want to change. What’s on my list then? Our vision; our customer strategy and to establish our uniqueness. So get out on a walk, chill out to some music or watch the world go by at your favourite coffee bar (La Rascasse, Boroughbridge and mine’s a Mocha) for some inspiration and to evolve an idea.

Blank sheets of paper are always handy to doodle your thoughts and help bring some clarity to your task. This doesn’t just apply to Christmas holidays just ‘step outside’.

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