Find Yourself A Start-Up Buddy

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So not long after I started hype, I spotted an acquaintance that was venturing out on her own too and so I dropped her a good luck message. Since then we have stayed in touch and are partial to a good chat on all things starting out. We have become new business buddies and I think we all need a friend to help think things through.

Personally I liken starting up to being like a rollercoaster. Ups, downs, twists and turns. I also need to add in here that I have only ever been on a rollercoaster once when I was significantly younger and it didn’t agree with me. My friend has a similar tale. Most other start-ups would agree with the analogy and report that it’s at least 12 months before the rollercoaster effect fades. So here are our top discussions and thoughts so far:

1. We need to remind ourselves of why we wanted to go it alone.

2. Set small goals, even personal ones like how you are going to spend the money from that job. Remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and it may take the full 12 months before you can start to take any salary out the business so make it a worthwhile treat

3. Be flexible about the work you get: even if it’s not the ideal project and keep focused on point. You may also find you simply like working with that client and you never know where that opportunity leads. All my work to date has been from recommendation and you really can’t beat that! It may also be worth considering working for someone for free for a short time to get other opportunities.

4. Accept that there are roles within your business you struggle with like accounts and sales. Sometimes you simply need to accept this and get on with it. Set yourself a goal to contract those pesky accounts just as soon as you can afford to. Both of us having come from large companies where roles are split out, it can be hard to now take on new tasks outside your comfort zone.

So my advice would be find yourself a kindred spirit and support each other. To check how we are getting on or to share your experiences; follow my friend @kordigital and myself @hypemarketinguk

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