Searching For Employment? You’re Certainly Not Alone!

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Half of Yorkshire’s workforce say they will be looking for new jobs this year, with one-in-three workers in the region already actively searching for employment, according to new research from Investors in People. The findings are highlighted in the Job Exodus Trends 2016 report, which shows that 32% of employees in the region say they are miserable in their jobs. The survey also found that 38% of that miserable chunk said that this was down to poor management, while another 35% said they felt unvalued in the workplace.

Unsatisfactory pay was the third most common reason as to why employees were unhappy in their current roles. In comparison the happiest region was East Anglia where only 22% of workers felt unhappy in their jobs.

Paul Devoy, head of Investors in People, said: “Improved salaries over recent months means that pay is less of a gripe for UK workers. But longstanding issues around poor management and how valued people feel in their work continue to make UK workers miserable.

“We know that bad leadership alone costs the UK £39 billion a year. If employers addressed these factors, they would have a more committed workforce and far fewer resources tied up in constant recruitment drives. As the economy improves, many employers run the risk of losing their valuable, skilled staff.”

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