How Frequently Should I Be Posting On Social Media?

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How Frequently Should I Be Posting On Social Media?Welcome back to ‘The Burning Questions’, last week we tackled a large one, that being, what the point of social media is; Presumably as you are now indulging yourself with this equally thrilling post, you were suitably persuaded and agree that social media does have a point, a rather significant point at that. Now continuing on our little Journey through this cyberspace, we’re going to ponder the question: How frequently should I be posting on Social Media? It’s all well and good setting up pages on the variety of sites, but the benefits won’t come quite as easy. Like I discussed in my previous post in order for success online your small business has to engage with your customers; I again emphasise the ever pressing ‘Two-way conversation. But this engagement doesn’t come wrapped up in a silver bow, you have to stimulate it with posts, and that doesn’t mean an odd every couple months. So let us dive into this beginning with the importance of balance.


Now one might think to themselves, of course, to be successful on social media you have to post as frequently as possible, post after post bombarding your customers until you get their attention. If this is your train of thought I’m going to have to kindly ask you to stop there; posting frequently is good it makes your presence known online and attracts a decent amount of traffic to your site. But, as the old saying goes; quality over quantity. Essentially you want to post things of high quality that result in high levels of engagement. The moment you lose either one of these things is the moment you should probably consider reeling in the posts. Balance is crucial, it makes or breaks your online presence.


Onwards and upwards to Tailoring, and no I don’t mean clothing. What I’m alluding to here is the act of altering your post frequency depending on which platform you’re using. Each site offers differing types of content, Instagram dominates in the world of pictures where as twitter specialises in short and snappy text, so It’d be illogical to do the same thing across the board. In the case of Facebook for example; two posts per day have been seen to be the level before, the crucial engagement of the likes and comments drop off. Over on twitter, engagement has seen to decrease slightly after the third tweet in the day. However with Instagram, a slight anomaly, there is usually no drop-off in engagement in terms of the number of posts, the key lies in a constant rate (I refer you kindly to my earlier paragraph on balance). So to conclude with our tailoring, each site requires something a little different, so adjust accordingly!

Planning Ahead

As my strict P.E teacher once told me, fail to prepare prepare to fail, of course, he was talking to me about remembering my kit and not my social media marketing strategy, but I think it applies well. If you start posting with reckless abandon, no idea of when, how much or where, prepare to not have as much success as you would’ve hoped for. You need a Plan! Be that as simple as a quick diagram on paper allocating a certain number of posts to a certain website. However, if you need something a bit more sophisticated, I’m going to extend some help; over here at Shoo Social Media, we offer a social media strategy service. If you come over and chat with us about your business we can come up with a plan that suits you!

So as we come to a close, remember the three important factors to success when it comes to frequency of posts; Balance, Tailoring to each site and planning ahead. With these factors tucked under your belt, you’re sure to enjoy success in the online world.

So what’s stopping you? Get in touch contact with us at Shoo and enhance your business with the power of Social Media.

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