How To Build Productive Relationships – Because Life Is Not A Solo Journey!

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How To Build Productive Relationships - Because Life Is Not A Solo Journey!To succeed in business and life we need to be able to connect. Connect with people who will guide and support us, people who will buy our products and services and people who will share life’s key moments. Most would agree that the ability to reach out to others and build productive relationships is one of the most important skillsets you can develop.

For example, has there ever been a time when it’s been crucial for you to establish a relationship quickly but instead you dried up, froze or simply ran out of things to say. By contrast, imagine how things could be so different if you could make a great first impression every time. Some do it more naturally than others but for those who don’t help is at hand!

A first step in creating relationships that are productive and rewarding is the ability to open up those personal communication channels, allowing for a free exchange of information, ideas, needs and desires. Here rapport is the key. The fundamental principle behind rapport is that ‘people like people who are like them’.

In NLP we often talk about the importance of setting our intent in relation to achieving the results we desire. A key tip here therefore is to set yourself a specific aim before each important conversation of understanding others as much as you can in the time available. You do this by simply paying attention to what they say, how they say it and the non-verbal communications they are unconsciously sharing all the time.

When we are adept at picking up this invaluable information then we can employ the key techniques of ‘matching’, ‘mirroring’, ‘pacing’ and ‘leading’. You may be familiar with the standard techniques of matching i.e. matching physiology (posture, gestures etc) and matching the qualities of the voice (speed, volume etc) but you may not be so au fait yet with the less well known and sometimes more impactful techniques of matching breathing and values.

One of the problems with asking those who appear to be able to build rapport ‘naturally’ with most people most of the time is that they usually have little conscious awareness of how they do it. This is where NLP is invaluable. For over 40 years NLP Practitioners have ‘modelled’ those who were experts in their field and distilled this knowledge into a series of simple step by step techniques that can be easily applied with a little practice to make a huge difference to results.

Amongst the many fabulous things you could learn on the upcoming NLP Business Diploma are some of the skills of rapport building, so that when it is crucial for you to establish a productive relationship swiftly and easily you know the exact steps to follow.

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