How We Unite Against Covid-19

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We all cannot fail to notice an array of Rainbow`s of all shapes, sizes, and designs that have appeared in windows, doors, roads, gardens, walls, around Yorkshire and across the UK.

As the corona-virus lockdown took hold in the UK, we were no longer allowed to congregate in groups, and whilst outside, we must observe the government’s social distancing guidelines keeping two metres apart, in the effort to control the transmission of the virus. All of these strict measures although absolutely necessary, also diminish communication and connection between people.

The Rainbow quickly gained momentum and spread across the UK allowing people to show a display of support, gratitude, and a sign of hope for our NHS workers on the front line and also allowing people to convey messages of solidarity during these challenging and difficult times.

Supporting NHS Image

Another colourful show of appreciation is The Clap For Our Carers which is providing a morale boost to the nation; each Thursday evening from our doorsteps, windows, balconies, gardens, people of all ages across the nation stand for a minute to clap, cheer in a show of appreciation and publicly recognise our National Health workers and other key works as they fight the corona-virus pandemic daily. In what has become a weekly tradition, it also allows communities to unite whilst respecting the social distancing measures in these unprecedented times.

Many famous faces have taken part, including The Prime Minister Boris Johnson, members of the Royal Family, an array of celebrities, and many landmark buildings including the Shard in central London, Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, mark the moment by lighting up blue.

And last but not least, our very own hero Captain Tom Moore born and raised in Keighley, West Yorkshire has raised more than £30m by walking laps of his garden; with his grit and determination he told us “As long as people keep giving, I’ll keep walking” and he shares a message of hope: “We will get through this and come out stronger” Captain Tom Moore has now been made an honorary colonel on his 100th birthday.

Stay Home Save Lives

So please join us and the nation and support your NHS and send us your Rainbow pictures here:

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