10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 16

Having finished my undergraduate degree in Business Management. There are some life lessons I wish I had been told when I was younger.

1 | Your interpersonal skills sell more when you are looking for job than your academic background. Be that person who has a drive, who has an idea and who is willing to implement their idea than a person who “sells dreams”. As you continue to excel in your studies, make sure you are building yourself to be a person who has a lot of skills.

2 | Start building your interpersonal skills when you are young rather than when you are 28

3 | Be more open-minded (always looking for new ideas and be up-to-date with trends because the business world is ever changing, increase your knowledge base). “Being open minded means accepting all perspectives as possibilities. However, it does not imply that necessarily believes in all perspectives. One can choose her own beliefs while still maintaining an open mind, as long as she is willing to accept that others’ beliefs are equally as legitimate.”

4 | Not to burst your bubble but, your dream job may actually not be the job you dreamed of, so be open to do more things.

5 | Networking– I wish that my teachers and parents told me how important networking is. Surround yourself with people in the same environment and who are at least better at what you want to do. As I am growing up, I have come to realize that networking is important because through this, you will be more open to meet new people, it will help increase your confidence. Last but not least, you will get to increase your knowledge through talking to different people.

6 | Travel and see the world. I wish I was able to travel as much as I encourage people but travelling is important because it will help you to be more culturally aware. We live in a world whereby globalization impacts our future. In the future, whether you are working in a big or small corporation, maybe, you will be required to work with people from various cultures. Therefore knowing people’s culture’s and how they work will help reduce conflicts in a work place.

7 | Don’t waste TIME– every holiday is an opportunity to do something new. Stretch yourself to do what you have never done before. Start a business, look for a job etc.

8 | Invest your money and time in learning a new craft or skill (e.g. playing the guitar, writing, playing a sport.)

9 | When you are applying for a course at university, choose a course which interests you and not what everyone around you tell you. I am not saying close your ears to what people encourage you to do, my main message is do your research on the course of your choice and ask how it will be valuable in 10-20 years. Don’t be afraid to ask the people doing the job that you want to do and really find out if you want to do it.

10 | Let your job be your hobby– do something you love because you will be motivated every day to get up and go to work.

This guest blog was provided by Cynthia Zambuko, Business Management Student in Plymouth

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