How To Give Your Emailings The Wow Factor

Using email campaigns for small businesses is an easy, quick and cost effective way of promoting products and services and of increasing sales. Large businesses such as Next and M&S use email campaigns as an important and successful part of their marketing campaigns. Email marketing software is now easily available for the smallest of businesses and is often free to use. With a little inspiration and following a few simple design ideas your mailing can look as good as anything the big brands send out.

There are a number of software programmes available for mailings, but they all work in a similar way. You can use online ‘cloud’ based programmes such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or some web design companies will allow you to send bulk Emails. Many of these are free depending on the number of recipients you have and how many mailings you send out. With a little practice you will soon become familiar with how to use the software. A few basics will make all the difference between recipients reading your mailings and pressing ‘delete’.

A few basics for Email Campaigns

Add a background colour. This will make your content stand out Keep your layout simple and not too fussy. Most of the software programmes for mailings will allow you to design ‘postcard’ templates or templates with two columns and two or three paragraphs with images. Put headlines into large text and bold Don’t be afraid to use bold, large fonts and colours for text headlines and to make specific parts of your mailing stand out Include quality images, but don’t add too many or your mailing will be slow to open. Use colours on borders to make specific areas and paragraphs of your mailing stand out. Theme your mailings, for example make them seasonal, theme by subject, by product or information type Use a combination of paragraphs, images, boxes and borders Add an offer available only to your subscribers Link your mailing to your web site Link your mailing to your web site

Add calls to action Once you have sent out your mailings check your software programme to see how many subscribers have opened, read and clicked through to your web site.

Ann Brown is the author of articles, advice and how to’s on various marketing subjects including social networking. Her blogs are published regularly online including guest blogs. She works with SME’s and family run businesses in Yorkshire and the North East, providing marketing strategies and marketing master classes.

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