When Marketing Managers Fail To Understand Personalisation

Why are marketers wasting time with email and other so called personalised marketing? We pretend to be personal and personalised but actually treat our targets as numbers to be played around with.

A few weeks ago I was approached with a personal and chatty email by the marketing manager of a blue chip company. The manager wanted to know whether I’d be interested in working on a particular assignment – I’ll not divulge the name, gender, company, country, sector.

I responded quickly – thanks for getting in contact, happy to chat. Never heard anything again. I re-read the email – maybe it had been sent out to a lot of practitioners like myself. Ever the salesman I sent a follow up with some useful background information. I never heard anything back. Am I bitter? No. Am I annoyed with the absence of response? No not particularly. Am I disappointed? Yes. Not because of the loss of some (mythical) piece of business but because of how it reflected on the way some marketing managers work. Was I surprised? Not at all because we marketers are also customers and thus the recipients of frequent communications which are anything but true to the spirit of marketing.

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