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With Valentine’s Day upon us again, let’s share a little love over social media. Get searching for those people, companies and brands you admire to like, follow and connect with. Send a positive message to a supplier to say thank you for their work, or maybe you like the work they have done for another. Your gratitude will be appreciated and maybe even reciprocated. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some great feedback for clients and your industry to add to your testimonials?

But why should we save this for only a handful of days a year: Christmas, pay someone a compliment day etc. New Year’s Resolutions may have been made (and broken already); but you can change your mindset to use social media positively.

There is often debate about using social media aggressively to get noticed; provoke debate or even to discredit the competition. As my dear old mum would say “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

No tree hugging here, but just think about what this says about your business and brand. That’s not to say you cannot have an opinion, just keep your comments professional and educated. It was claimed that James Blunt had the best comebacks for his twitter haters, but why should he have to reply? So how do you reply when you find yourself on the receiving end of a twitter troll? Depending on the comments; you could reply to talk to them about the issue they have with your company. Winging clients may simply want to be heard and you may even learn something to look to change with your business. Alternatively you may need to report the issue and seek assistance from the networking site.

Please don’t limit your love to one day a year – S hare The Love #always More information about hype marketing uk Marketing support to hype your brand #believeinhype Call Emma on 07791 305 241 Keep in touch with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn

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