The Secret to Social Success

Creating brand awareness is an integral part of any marketing plan, no matter how large or small a business is. And although many are sceptical about the benefits of being social, it is in fact a vital part of any digital campaign.

Test the water

The first thing to do is to decide what social channels you would like your business to have a presence on. If you’re unsure what audience will work best for your business, it is often a good idea to open a profile on a couple of social sites. If after six month’s some are working better than others, you will know where to focus your efforts going forward. Quality over quantity The next step to social success is building your band of followers. Although there are a lot of shortcuts to doing this, your time (and often money) will be wasted. Building a targeted audience is a much more effective way to go and will help ensure your messages are going out to the right people.

Start a conversation

Social pages are all about just that – being social. The aim is to spark conversations and tackle topics that are going to get people talking. And by giving you the chance to speak directly to your customers, it can also become another form of customer service. Just remember to communicate in a tone of voice they can relate to so that your brand personality comes across in a clear, positive way.

It’s not what you say but how you say it

If the content you’re putting out there is right, the people will follow. Mix things up with a combination of corporate updates and more fun, interesting stories that people are more likely to interact with. Competitions and promotions are another great way to grab attention, and the bigger the prize, the more likely people will want to enter and share it with their friends. Putting principles into practices

At The Whole Caboodle, we incorporate our social services with our digital offerings to ensure our clients receive maximum exposure online. Combining efforts in this way helps us to communicate their offerings and messages directly to their target audience for a more effective online solution and well-rounded online marketing campaign.

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