The Importance Of Visual Marketing

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The Importance Of Visual Marketing

With the constantly rising popularity in social media marketing, getting your content seen online has only risen in difficulty. Of course, the business industry has always been competitive but new strategies must now be taken by smaller companies in order to gain exposure. A good marketer is always hatching new techniques and schemes to make their content stand out from the others.

What do almost all businesses use to distinct their advertisements from the rest? The visuals. Good visuals on an advertisement or post is key if your work is to prosper. How do we make the visuals good though? What about the visuals of an advertisement make it triumph?

To understand how people perceive your work you must put yourself in their shoes, say you were to scroll onto an advertisement; before reading a single word the brain has already processed the design. According to Mehrabian’s communication theory, 93% of all communication is nonverbal ( meaning what the eye first sees can leave an impression on the consumer and alter their thoughts and emotions concerning the advertisement.

How the design should look solely depends on the target audience. Looking for employees, or business partners? Consider making the colour and design captivating but sensible, you need a professional layout if you want to be taken seriously. I would also bare in mind that you should stick to your company’s colour scheme, if you are still to make this colour scheme then most designers would suggest using 3 colours in the ratio 60%-30%-10%.

The visual side of marketing is arguably more important than the written content as it affects the brain quicker and easier. Certain images and designs can enhance or affect emotions and attitudes in the consumer. If your image is successful in triggering this in the consumer then you may expedite and increase the consumer’s comprehension and retention. With graphics also engaging the imagination and creativity in a customer, they are more likely to have a profound understanding of the presented material.

In conclusion, I believe that if you want to get your work seen and understood by people you must go to the effort of creating aesthetics for the content. It is scientifically proven ( but common sense can be used to understand how it works. Writing with no visuals is boring. People do not want to be bored, it’s that simple. The visual marketing required is not too advanced; if you’re posting on Facebook you are basically limited to adding a captivating image. People on Facebook have definitely caught onto this given that I cannot remember the last time I saw a post on facebook that was only writing. By adding interesting colours and visuals to what you are trying to get seen, you will see vastly improved analytics within days.

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