The top reasons why employees resign

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January is officially the most popular month for job changes or people resigning from their current roles. Maybe it’s something to do with having time to reflect over the festive period and New Year’s resolutions beckoning. But managers know very well how expensive employee turnover can be as well as it being disruptive to the rest of the team and not good for you if you potentially lose a really good employee!

Here’s the top reasons why employees resign and maybe something to consider this

  1. Feeling underappreciated and not valued. We all know that a happy and content employee is a productive one, but why would you want to keep delivering results if nobody appreciates what you are doing? Just a simple reminder from time to time that their contribution is appreciated and that they are doing a cracking job! It doesn’t cost anything, but it might keep you a member of staff!
  2. The need for a better work-life balance. A well paid job that stops you seeing your friends and family doesn’t appeal to everybody – remember your colleagues have other commitments outside of work that are just important, if not more. Do you offer flexibility at work?
  3. Unrealistic goals/too much pressure. A UK study found that 60% of employees interviewed had experienced mental health issues because of work. That a really high number, potentially over half of your workplace! Can you imagine if they all went off sick? Try to be realistic about what you are expecting your employees to achieve and look out for any signs of stress to nip it in the bud from the start.
  4. Lack of management support. If you want to become a respected leader and have a team who aspire to be like you or to work to their full potential, you need to connect with them and show them how supportive you are. Your staff should have a positive energy about them and be happy at work – a happy colleague is a motivated one!
  5. The need for a new challenge. We all know what happens if we aren’t faced with a challenge in life. Boredom sets in and our minds wander which means a huge drop in productivity levels for you. Keeping a bright employee challenged with rewarding tasks is the best way to keep a bright employee, period. Also think about what you can offer your employees – development or training wise – are you offering them something which others aren’t?

So why don’t you assess what you are doing this January, and look at ways of keeping hold of your best employees. There’s a general lack of suitably qualified, skilled or experienced candidates in the UK at the moment, so if you have an amazing team do everything you can to keep hold of them!

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