A Look Back On YEN In 2014

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2014 has been an amazing year for The Yorkshire Enterprise Network, now approaching our 2nd anniversary, we have grown into one of the largest and most prominent business networks in the Yorkshire region.

Since February this year, our partnership with The Telegraph & Argus has allowed us to deliver a variety of ‘Bradford Means Business’ events to a number of sectors, which has hopefully facilitated some significant relationships for businesses in Yorkshire.

It’s been a great road trip around Bradford and we’ve had some fun this year, ranging from:

• The violinist at Kala Sangam
• Robbie Hunter Paul’s humourous presentation at Odsal Stadium in front of a mammoth audience
• Melodies at Forster’s Bar and Bistro
• Glamour in the Princes Ballroom at the Midland Hotel
• A technology focused experience in the National Media Museum

Alongside our monthly networking we also organised two conferences.

In July we organised the Intelligent Cities Conference & Expo, a national technology conference held in Bradford for the very first time. YEN wanted Bradford to start talking about it’s technological infrastructure and how we can work with the rest of Yorkshire to ensure that SME’s (Small-Medium Enterprises) in the district don’t get left behind. We also wanted the tech world to see that this is a great place to do business, with tons of potential in the coming years. The event attracted media interest as far as the USA, as well as delegates attending from different parts of Europe.

In September we then organised Bradford’s biggest B2B event, this was a celebration of businesses in Bradford and opened up some great forum for discussion with the ‘Bradford: What Next?’ panel attracting around 200 delegates, with a total of over 800 delegates throughout the day.

The Yorkshire Enterprise Network would like to thank you all for the support you have provided throughout the year, we are massively grateful for your continued interest in our networking events and conferences.

We will return in February 2015 with our next event to celebrate the one year anniversary of our ‘Bradford Means Business’ partnership…

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