Charitable organisations we have supported:

We have a proud history as a responsible business. Our strong, local support within Yorkshire and proven track record of repeat business is testament to this fact. Our strong relationships and emphasis on employee well-being characterises how YEN operates and aims to build a strong, healthy future.

Community Dimension

We also understand that our business has a duty to extend this mindset outside of our Yorkshire sites; it extends into our neighbouring communities across the region. We have consciously sought to blur the distinction between business and society because we understand that the way in which we operate. This culminated in a better appreciation our partners and customers needs; by lending our support to the charities we have an affinity with local people and organisations.

YEN works to encourage stronger relationships between local businesses for the greater good of the area via business networking, seminars and events. We have worked extensively with The Telegraph and Argus to create regular ‘Bradford Means Business’ networking events with the main aim of promoting greater collaborative working between local businesses. Through events we have also supported a number of local charities including, Bradford Crocus Cancer Appeal, Yorkshire Children’s Air Ambulance, St Anne’s Community Services, Bradford Bulls Foundation and Centrepoint.

Through these and other initiatives, we look forward to continuing our investment in the local community and by fulfilling our responsibilities as an ethical and environmentally conscious business we hope to contribute to a more sustainable society.

How we improve our sustainability

We use biomass boilers in our Business Centres because, with an ever changing climate, it's important as a socially responsible organisation that we look at long term sustainable methods of production to help create a circular economy. As a nation also we also need to pitch in to drop our carbon emissions, so that future generations do not suffer as a consequence of our current needs.

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