Yorkshire Terms

Term Definition
Aye Yes
Bad'Un No Good
Bog Toilet
Bray/Braying Beating ("You'll Get A Good Braying" or "I'll Bray You")
Brew Cup Of Tea (“Let’s Sit Down And ‘Ave A Brew.”)
Butty Sandwich
Chippy, Chip 'Ole Fish And Chip Shop
Chuckin(g) Your Guts Up Being Sick
Chuddy Chewing Gum
Chuffed Pleased, Excited
Daft As A Brush Stupid
Dale Valley
'Ey Up Hello or How's It Going?
Famished Hungry, Starving
Flag Flat Paving Stone
Flippin 'Eck (Flipping Heck) Exclamation Of Shock And Surprise
Flummoxed Confused
Gaffer The Boss
Gander Look At
Gawp Stare
Ginnell Alleyway
Gi' Over Give Over, Stop It
Gob Mouth (“Shut Yer Gob!”)
Good 'Un Good One
Gunna, Gonna Going To
In A Bit Bye
Jammy Very Lucky
Lake, Laikin(g), Larking Play (“Is Your Lesley Coming Out To Lake?”), Playing
Lass Girl/Young Woman/Wife
Manky Not Nice, Unpleasant
Minging Horrible, Unpleasant
Nowt/ Nout Nothing
Now Then Hello
Oh Aye?! Oh Really?!
'Ow Do How Are You, Hello
Owt Anything
Pack It In Stop It
Paggered Knackered (“I'm Completely Paggered")
Parkin Ginger Cake Made With Oats
Ratty Grumpy/Gross
(It) Reeks (It) Smells Horrible
Reet Right
Sarnies Sandwiches
Snicket Small Alleyway Or Footpath
Summat Something
Ta Thanks
Thee, Tha You
Vexed Angry
Waint Won't
Watter Water
Wazzock Stupid Or Annoying Person (“You Daft Wazzock”)
While Until ("I'm Working While Seven")
Yonder Over There

Yorkshire Sayings

Saying Definition
Arse Over Tit Head Over Tail
Couldn't Organise A Piss Up In A Brewery Badly Organised, Can't Do Anything Right
Not Enough Room To Swing A Cat Very Small Room, Cramped
A Scarborough Warning Bad Behaviour That Will Result In A Punishment, ("You Better Watch It, You're On A Scarborough Warning Young Lady")
Were Ya Born In A Barn? You've Left The Door Open: Close It!
Where's It At? Where Is It?

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