Poll: Should The Government Renationalise The Railways? | April 2016

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From 1948 to 1997, British Rail was solely responsible for the state railways of Britain, transforming a collection of exhausted, post-war steam operators into the modern network we know today. Then, between 1994 and 1997, British Rail was privatised, as track and infrastructure passed to Railtrack in 1994 and, later, passenger services were franchised in 25 blocks to private-sector operators. Freight services were sold outright. Overall, ownership and operation of the network became highly fragmented, as operations were split between more than 100 companies.

With annual ticket price increases, especially in the South of England, is it time for the government to step in and retake control of the rail system to better manage development and prices?

Should The Government Renationalise The Railways?

  • Give It Back To The People - Renationalisation would benefit the public (59%)
  • Can't Trust 'Em - Private companies will run the rail system better than any government body (41%)
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    David Armlry
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    National asset. Should be continually invested in, rather than run for dividends.

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