6 New Marketing Ideas For Your Business

I have been working with a Bradford based client recently. Their product offering includes taking traditional marketing and elevating it to a new and innovative level. Being aware and taking advantage of recent breakthrough technology that is not yet widely used could position our business as a forward thinking leader and convey our products, services and brands more effectively.

So I have put together a summary of what they are and why we might use them based on what I have learned while working with my client over the last few weeks. Some of these are very new, some not so new. All I think are worth mentioning to prompt us to think about how we market our business and perhaps freshen our approach.

Certainly these ways were new to me and I suspect may well be new to most YEN readers.

I’ve included links to my clients website (HDC New Media) where appropriate, for you to explore further if you wish or for if you would like to get in touch with them.

Stand out from the crowd – 6 new and innovative ways to promote and market your business

1. Video Brochures

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
Video of course has been part of the marketing toolset for a long time now. But leading the right people to our video’s to watch usually involves online marketing.

A video brochure allows us to take our video marketing offline in a combination of print with video. It has been used by suppliers of new products from fashion to hardware who want to showcase their products in the hands of buyers.

It has also appealed to service industries such as financial services and software suppliers who use it to explain the complex. Also charities to show the impact of their work in an engaging manner that commands a response. The brochure has all the look and feel of a conventional glossy printed brochure but open it up and it has a high quality LCD screen with all the normal video controls embedded onto the printed page.

If brochures and/or video form part of your current marketing then it’s probably worth considering using a brochure that combines them in an engaging and memorable format in place of a standard static printed brochure or YouTube videos.

YouTube is great, however it is also full of competitor video’s. So if we want our next customer to hold our branded brochure in their hand to watch our video there and then without distractions then consider trying the video brochure format.

Click here to find out more about video brochures

2. USB Business Cards

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
About 3 or 4 years ago technology began to emerge enabling the chip in a USB connector to be programmed. This has opened up many possibilities and applications including the USB business card.

Like a traditional business card, the USB business card has all the usual contact information printed on it, but the plastic card also has a USB connector that unfolds and can be inserted into any USB enabled device.

The chip in the USB can be programmed to launch a web browser with any web page of your choosing. That could be your social media profile, your company website, or a page dedicated to how you can help that person or company.

If you do plenty of networking, giving people a USB business card enables you to easily follow up with them, grow your network of connections with stronger relationships and stand out from those around you.

With a USB Business Card you’ll likely be the most talked about person at your next business event.

Click here to find out more about USB Business Cards

3. Video Business Cards

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
Like a traditional printed business card with all your printed contact information, but with your own video message included on a high quality LCD screen. You know what it’s like when you get home from a business or networking event with a stack of business cards. Who was he again? Including a short video will certainly make you memorable.

Use a video business card with those who you particularly want to be remembered by.

And if you have a personal service such as business coaching, public speaking, or marketer and come across well on video then this could be an effective tool for you.

You will likely be the most talked about and listened to person at your next business event.

Click here to find out more about Video Business Cards

4. USB Webkeys

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
Like the USB business card the webkey is a USB device which when inserted into the recipients USB port will launch the webpage programmed into the chip. It differs from the business card in that it is typically incorporated as a detachable part of those leaflets, cards and flyers that are sent out in Direct Mail.

So added to all the print options of conventional Direct Mail we can now incorporate an innovative connection to any desired landing page on our website. For example a page demonstrating a product or a special offer sign up page.

I particularly like how the Webkey connects the offline with the online in one easy action (inserting it into a USB slot). Making it easy for people to respond means they are much more likely to do so. I would suggest creating a specific landing page that ties in closely with the printed mail reinforcing any benefits and offer proposition made in print.

Even more I like the response rates. Professionally branded Direct Mail campaigns that include a USB Webkey are typically getting a response rate 10-15 times greater than those that do not contain a Webkey.

If you are a sender of Direct Mail then try including a Webkey. And because it’s digital the response is trackable so you can measure it’s effectiveness. Users of Webkeys include Universities and catalogue based companies like Argos as well as all manner of Direct Mail senders.

Click here to find out more about USB Webkeys

5. Promotional Branded Moulded USB Memory Sticks

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
Finding low cost branded promotional items that can be given away at trade shows, conferences and networking events that will actually see the light of day can be a challenge.

Of all the promotional items, USB memory sticks are one of the most used after the event as most people need a quick and easy way of transferring & storing data so like to keep them to hand.

Although there is nothing new in handing out branded USB memory sticks, advances in injection moulding means that pretty much any shape, colour and size is now possible.

If you want to create a talking point and it suits your brand then for your next promo giveaway have a look at moulded USB memory sticks. They are often termed novelty but I think that demeans their value. Imagine an office conversation where your branded USB stick is in use… it could include words like ‘what’s that?’ ‘cool’, ‘where did you get it?’, ‘who are they?’ etc.

While not new, use them to effectively create brand awareness and stand above the typical free pen brigade.

Click here to find out more about Promotional Branded USB Memory Sticks

6. Video Books

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network
If you have a premium or luxury product or service then a fitting vehicle for your marketing could be the Video Book. It has the same features of the video brochure but comes in beautifully bound hardback. The feel of the video book is luxurious.

This embeds the video message in a setting of quality and luxury which could be the ideal complement to high value products and brands.

Click here to find out more about Video Books

I hope these marketing ideas have heightened your awareness of what is now available, prove stimulating and help inspire new ways of getting in front of the people that matter to you.

Please share any innovative ways you have found in the comments below.

6 New Marketing Ideas For Business | Yorkshire Enterprise Network

Written by Pete Stevens – Website Marketing Consultant

Pete’s client is HDC New Media Bradford who help businesses stand out from the crowd with their marketing. If you would like more information visit the website at hdc.uk.com or call Bradford (01274) 656565.

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