How Do You Like It?

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I’m in the business of supporting other businesses to become more efficient and grow, simple.

Not always!

I’ve learnt a few harsh lessons along the way, I haven’t always been able to support a business exactly how I would like to, communication hasn’t quite flowed, client decisions were slow, briefs were unclear.

When I found myself in this position it created uncertainty, I felt insecure with the client, felt like I wasn’t quite giving them the service I wanted to.

So what did I do about it? The only option is to take control, to lead the client, to ask a very important question. How do you like it?

Well not exactly that question, unless I am making a cuppa for them!

What I mean is I find out exactly how they currently operate, this could be what their preferred method of communication is, for example with some clients I can never get them to answer a phone call, but send them a text, immediate response.

I also let them know some of my preferences, I gather a brief in a way that enables me to be absolutely clear on what they hope to achieve and I let them know the parameters and sometimes boundaries that will be in place.

When you are supporting another business you have a common goal, make them look as good as possible.

Sometimes that takes me showing them how certain processes could tighten up their business, asking them if they could see themselves trying out a new way of working to achieve that common goal.

As a PA it is my job to understand my client preferences, in any service business I recommend getting to know your client preferences.

Think about your own working practices, how do you like it?

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