What Common Goals Do All Entrepreneurs Share?

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We all want to live long healthy lives, which are free from major illness. All of us strive to have good relationships with our friends, family and business associates. We want to be love and be loved by those we care most about. Those running their own businesses, do so because they enjoy the challenges faced and the diversity it brings.

We want to achieve financial independence for ourselves and our family, and reach a stage where we will never have to worry about money again. As our businesses evolve so does our vision of where we see our business going. Yet it still amazes me how few of us have clear well written life goals.

Why is this?

We are masters of our own destiny, where we can achieve things that most can only dream about, as they, unlike ourselves are never brave enough to take action. However, how much more could we achieve if actually took the time to clearly map out exactly what we want from life? We live such fast paced lives, and adopt a more reactive than pro-active approach, even though we know planning and strategy help drive our businesses forward.

I myself have been guilty in the past of spending more time planning a holiday, than I did my life, and I am sure I am not alone in this!

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