Internet Domain Names; Helping You Ahead Of The Game

Domain names are used to establish an individual identity on the world wide web, choosing the correct domain name for your new business is necessary if you want to market yourself well. Tailoring your domain name to your brand can be as important as your choosing your main brand name or logo. Choosing names that are easy to remember, spell or type will make it easier for potential customers to find your company. Using symbols, numbers or special characters can cause confusion and create the possibility for error when typing the URL.

Remember that your domain name is your identity on the internet. A generic domain name refers to a general category as opposed to a personal category, generic domains such as or are referring to the industry sector rather than something relative to the business. Unlike copyright registrations which legally bind a name, phrase, word, symbol or image to the business or person, domain names must be registered with an online registrar, yet do not hold any legal rights or ownership, only the right to use them for a set period of time. Be aware of fraud, there are some unsavoury people out there who will buy domain names that are similar to existing brand names to exploit an already well established brand, or can be used to set up false websites for illegal activities. It could be wise to buy some similar domain names to reduce these risks.

Locations are sometimes used in domain names such as which tie the business to a specific area, town or city, these domains do not come cheap, but the association can be invaluable. Every domain has what’s known as a TLD or ‘Top Level Domain’, these are the suffixes which describe the nature or location of the business, for example .com is for a commercial business or company, .net is for networking organizations, and refers to a domain within the UK.

Below I have compiled a list of popular tips on utilizing domain names to their optimum performance:
• Choose something original that is appealing and relevant.
• Avoid current trends or fads, a name which will stand the test of time.
• Avoid using symbols, numbers or special characters.
• Choose something that’s easy to remember.
• Target your region.
• Use keywords, make your domain easily discoverable and set for ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization).
• Do your research, you do not want to breach copyright laws.
• Use an online tool to help find or create your own unique domain name.

Here are two links to get you started on your journey to find the perfect domain name:

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