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There are many reasons why people use a wedding planner. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you have a high pressured job? Maybe you don’t live in the region, or you don’t have family nearby? Maybe this is your second time or you want to make the most of a limited budget? Whatever your reason for using a wedding planner, we’d love to help you.
At Hel’s Bells we truly believe that wedding planning should be available to anyone who wants it. Each wedding we do is different, as is the part we play. No matter how big the celebration or how small the budget we are happy to help in any way we can. Even if you have a fixed amount you are willing to spend with us, we will write a proposal of what we can provide for your budget.
We aim to ensure that you don’t just have a fantastic day, but also have fun planning it. We can be there on the end of the phone to give advice when you need it and will also make sure you have plenty of time to make decisions so you don’t have to worry.
Whatever help you need, our initial consultation is free and afterwards we provide a no obligation proposal. We are not linked to any wedding suppliers so you can be sure that we are genuinely giving you our best advice. Any commission that we receive will be passed on to you so you can be confident you will be getting the best value from us.
We have included a list of services that we can provide on the site but the list is not exhaustive. If there is any other help you need, simply call or e mail us.

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