Sales In A Digital World For Business: We Love It And Hate It!

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Everyone has a love hate relationship with sales. We know it is imperative for survival for all businesses yet we always stick to traditional methods of sales and marketing. Why do we do this? An interesting thought is that has been embedded into our senses from sales directors from a bygone era of a non digital age. This is just something we’re comfortable and why change the habit of a lifetime?

What is the answer?

There are lots answers and theories out there that say digital marketing and sales is overwhelming but then who doesn’t get annoyed with the phone ringing all the time. We tell our sales teams to get on the phone yet most of us won’t take the calls to speak to people as we’re too busy or just don’t want to be sold at! So, why do we still adopt these traditional methods? Is it a safety net or the digital world is just an unknown and shall we just leave that to ‘young people, apprentice or the graduate that enters the business’ do you mutter those words in your head? The question to you is why do you leave it to that generation? All businesses need a strategy and a plan so why leave your digital communications and marketing to somebody who just posts a random tweet or Facebook post once a day with no thought or care about your company brand. Would you do this if you were searching for an accountant? Probably not.

Strategy and planning.

Interesting questions I know, but these are just my observations over the last 10 years where social media and digital have become increasingly important to businesses. People don’t really think about why digital is becoming so important. We all say we need a website and it needs to look amazing and we will spend thousands on getting this right but what about everything else? How are we going to drive traffic there? Your website as somebody told me recently is like your business card! It showcases what you do and another way to look at a website is as your shop window so how do you get people to visit your website, your virtual footfall?
Social selling.

In the digital world sales have become increasingly more important, however, traditional ways of doing sales and marketing are changing. We have a digital generation entering the workforce, who are our future directors and business owners! Yet, we many businesses still focus solely traditional methods such as telesales. Why not use social media for prospecting, lead generation and driving inbound enquiries to enhance your sales performance?

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Rachel Hatfield has an extensive career in the meetings and events industry for the last 15 years including a BA (hons) in International Hospitality Business Management from Leeds Beckett University and MSc International Conference Management from Sheffield Hallam University.

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