How To Generate A Credible Reputation By Using Social Media

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A couple of weeks ago I had a little bump while reversing my car at roughly two miles per hour. The dogs and I are fine. Unfortunately, my plastic bumper was surprisingly ruined (to the extent that I really need to get a new car, if only for the security that should I actually have a crash I will live to tell the tale!) Anyway, bent and broken bumper – Hmm what should I do? First, I thought of friends and family who might know where I can get a replacement part. I was lucky in that I was pointed in the direction of an online breakers yard. What did I do next? Trusting my friend’s advice and browsing the website I was further pleased to find many positive reviews of the site and their services. Excellent!

Now this brings me back to the point of this blog – How to generate a credible reputation by using social media. The car part provider used a simple, but very powerful technique – they shared reviews to confirm trust in their services as a customer.

What is on at the cinema tonight? Google search the local cinemas -> see what’s on -> check review websites -> choose film to watch.

You have probably figured out by now what I am going to recommend small businesses do… SHARE and SHOUT about SUCCESSES with reviews and testimonials via various social media platforms. This will help people decide to buy from you – just make it easy for them!

As soon as you get a review – use its positivity power to promote your services:

  • Twitter – share feedback / reviews / testimonials with your target audience e.g. potential new clients. If you gained a fantastic review from a customer, use it to attract other ideal customers by directing tweets with a link to the review at them. Share all this positivity during # hashtag hours / areas where your audience is likely to be. Perhaps THE most important part is to simply say thank you directly for their review.
  • On the topic of sharing successes to build credibility – Try promoting the services and link followers to people YOU trust to your followers. This will give these trusted companies more credibility too. Everyone is a winner.
  • One last suggestion – praise and shout about the little things that have been successful in your business, no matter how small via social media! E.g. If you have reached 100 new followers – be pleased with this achievement and let your audience know!
  • Blogging can further help … sharing expertise / information, ask questions, top tips and articles then engaging in conversation with followers. After all, this is why I am writing this one now. This same strategy should also be extended to Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIN with the aim of eventually becoming an influencer or thought leader in your industry.
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Rachel Hatfield has an extensive career in the meetings and events industry for the last 15 years including a BA (hons) in International Hospitality Business Management from Leeds Beckett University and MSc International Conference Management from Sheffield Hallam University.

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